Peace Meals and Easter Eggs

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Happy Holy week. Holy week is always a busy time in the life of a church. Beginning with Palm Sunday, continuing on with Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, up to the joyous celebration of Easter Sunday. The Hollywood YAVs spent Palm Sunday in Phoenix Arizona. We took a long weekend to stay with Heather’s parents and watch a few spring training games. It was a mere 95 degrees for the Giants/Mariners game on Saturday. Fortunately, the temperature dropped 10 degrees for the Diamondbacks/Rockies game the next day. We celebrated Palm Sunday at the church Heather grew up in. We had an amazing trip of family and baseball. We quickly returned to our work week and the community house. Instead of attending a Maundy Thursday Service, we dyed Easter eggs and had an Easter egg hunt with the kids in our community. Some of our kids had never dyed Easter eggs before, and it was so much fun watching them explore the different colors and ways to make the eggs two toned. The Good Friday Service at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood was done in collaboration with Reality LA, a non-denominational church in Hollywood. I recently questioned why Friday is referred to as “Good” during Holy week, as it is the day that Christ was crucified. But then the pastor of Reality LA said, “In order to get the celebration of Easter, we must go through the suffering of the Crucifixion.” With out the death of Christ, there is no resurrection. Without death there is no life. It is through Good Friday we get Resurrection Sunday.

As a part of my family’s Easter tradition, we dye Easter eggs on Easter Eve each year. I have a picture of my first Easter, sitting with 3 of my siblings and my parents, the dining room table covered in newspaper and cups of vinegary dye with eggs in all of them. It’s tradition. As long as I can remember, I would plop my designated number of eggs into various colors and be done dyeing eggs in 5 minutes, and then sit very impatiently while my wildly creative sister would spend what felt like forever on her eggs. I got better as I got older, but never quite to Jennifer’s level. The wax crayon was my best friend, and I would write different things that I loved, my school, my pets, my sorority, my friends, my parents, and many other generic tokens. This year,  I watched the kids dye eggs as fast as they could, trying to remind them to take their time, and enjoy the process, word I never heeded as a child. But today, my new YAV family and I sat down to dye our own eggs. This year it took me 2.5 hours to dye 5 eggs~ Here are my creative masterpieces:

DSC_3470 DSC_3474 DSC_3480 DSC_3483 DSC_3484

Aren’t they lovely. The dyeing of Easter eggs is the tradition which brought us all to the table, to bring us together in fellowship and laughter. Most of the time only food can do this! Speaking of which, I finished my next book on the list! Peace Meals,  is the personal memoirs of war journalist Anna Badkhen. She tells her journey of  reporting from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other war torn countries in the Middle East and Africa. In each chapter, she tells the stories of former warlords and terrorist, rape victims, American soldiers, translators and drivers, prisoners, and everyday people, and how the meals she ate with each person forged a bond. Badkhen writes in the epilogue of her book ” In extremity, an offer to break bread is more than invitation to hear someone’s story. It is a chance to link that person’s life and yours.”

Exciting News! I’m going to Virginia in May! I’m so excited to see all of my sisters for the first time in a year. I just booked my ticket so I can see my nephew graduate from VMI! See you soon VA!


Also, my birthday is one week!


2 thoughts on “Peace Meals and Easter Eggs

    Keeping Food in the Friend Zone said:
    April 4, 2015 at 5:54 pm

    Love the easter eggs!

    The Beadles said:
    April 5, 2015 at 9:15 am

    Molly –

    Happy Easter !! and almost – Happy Birthday AND – a gracious thank you for all of these posts !! You are such an inspiration and I just smile all over when I read of your adventures and life journey steps !! Your maternal grandmother ( my mentor )…. Rel or Mopsy {as our two sons called her}… must just be dancing on clouds in Heaven ! As I’m sure others of the wonderful Cutler family are too !!

    Just wanted to send a hello from Virginia and to let you know that we read your posts (several times)….with great enjoyment and pride in you !!

    Love, Mike and Bev Beadles

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