Thank You!

Throughout the year I would like to use this space to thank my amazing cloud of witnesses that support me fully and inspire me daily!

1. To all those who donated to this ambitious adventure.

2. Fairlawn Presbyterian Church for raising 1/6th of my fundraising goal and giving me one of the greatest experiences to prepare for this year.

3. First Presbyterian Church, Staunton, VA for raising well over $1,000 and raising me in a supportive and loving community that gave me the strength and courage to take on this year!

4. The lovely ladies of Chi Delta Alpha – current and Alumni – who sent me a beautiful care package! I loved all the letters with words of love, inspirations, and ramblings(Mads)! All the gifts have given me a great sense of home and hokie love all the way on the west coast! Thanks Ladies!

5. Lacey and Harry Wood and their beautiful daughters Susannah and Eliza for the awesome baked good, spectacular art work, and a well written letter from a 6 year old about wild cats!

6. San Francisco Theological Seminary for their more than generous hospitality to me and my YAV group on our trip to San Fran. Thank you for the tour, the beautiful bedrooms, and the surprise breakfast!


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